On-call Interpreters

On-call Interpreters

Instructions for LanguageLine are available on the court intranet site after log in.  Courts and Probation offices should use LanguageLine telephone interpreting service only for immediate interpreter services for limited, relatively short term use, not for evidentiary hearings, Probation investigations, services, or interviews.  The LanguageLine service is available around the clock every day and can provide interpreters in most languages on demand. It costs $1.50 per minute.  Our goal is to serve Courts and Probation offices across the state at all hours of each day in an efficient and economical manner.

Individuals who need an interpreter for a brief court appearance or short probation appointment should notify the court or probation office of that need, and the court or probation office will use LanguageLine or request assignment of an interpreter as outlined above.

Please be mindful that in the rare event a LanguageLine interpreter is reserved but not used, there is a $200.00 flat fee charged to the Nebraska Supreme Court.  LanguageLine interpreter reservations are the rare exception, not the rule, and should be made only by a member of the Language Access Team for languages not readily available in Nebraska.  Email Kathleen Valle to discuss the necessity for a LanguageLine interpreter reservation.  In your email include all of the information below:

  • Court or Probation Office and location, including street address
  • Point of Contact
    • Name, Email, Telephone
  • Hearing or Probation meeting date, time, expected duration
  • Case caption and Number
  • Type of Proceeding
  • Language Required
  • Limited English Proficient individual’s name and role
    • Defendant, Plaintiff, Juvenile, Parent, Probationer, Witness

Please contact Kathleen Valle, Director of Language Access, with questions regarding On-Call Interpreter services, 402-471-8854.