Central States Development, LLC v. Friedgut

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Central States Development, LLC v. Friedgut

Case Number
Call Date
August 31, 2022
Case Time
9:00 AM
Court Number
Case Location
Court Type
District Court
Case Summary

S-21-818, Central States Development, LLC and Saint James Apartment Partners, LLC (Appellants) v. Elizabeth Friedgut and DLA Piper, LLP (Appellees)

Appeal from the District Court for Douglas County, Judge Marlon A. Polk

Attorneys: Richard P. McGowan (McGowan Law Firm for Appellants); Joseph S. Daly, Mary M. Schott (Evans & Dixon for Appellees) and Martin O’Hara (pro hac vice, Much Shelist, P.C. for Appellees).

Civil: Personal Jurisdiction; Legal Malpractice

Proceedings Below: The district court granted Appellee’s motion to dismiss due to lack of personal jurisdiction. On its own motion, the Nebraska Supreme Court ordered this case be removed from the docket of the Nebraska Court of Appeals and transferred to its docket.

Issues:  Appellant makes the following assignments of error:  1) The district court erred in dismissing the case because a prima facie case of jurisdiction was established; 2) There was adequate basis for the district court to determine that it had jurisdiction over the defendant given the subject matter of the representation voluntarily undertaken by the Appellees including services provided to Nebraska entities and the failure of Appellees to demonstrate the exercise of jurisdiction was unreasonable; and 3) The district court erred in failing to find that it had an adequate basis to determine that there was specific jurisdiction over the Appellees. 

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