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due process

Filed on
Friday, April 8, 2005
SUMMARY: In adjudication proceedings joint representation does not deny due process and ineffective assistance of counsel is not an available claim if appointed pursuant to statute. Heather and two siblings were adjudicated to be within the meaning of §43-247(3)(a) after abuse allegations were...Read more
Filed on
Friday, January 16, 2004
SUMMARY: A termination of parental rights was improper when the mother was deported from the country, was not represented at either the adjudication or termination hearings, the record was devoid of any facts to support the case plan, and the mother was not given any provisions or opportunity to...Read more
Filed on
Tuesday, October 2, 2001
SUMMARY: The juvenile court had jurisdiction to terminate parental right even though the parent’s admissions to the allegations of the petitions should not have been accepted because of a defective rights advisement because this defect did not taint later proceedings. On June 8, 2000, Nathan called...Read more
Filed on
Friday, August 13, 1999
SUMMARY: It is not unconstitutional for the guardian ad litem to perform both the investigatory duties of a guardian ad litem and bring and try a motion to terminate parental rights as authorized in Neb. Rev. Stat. section 43-272.01(2). As a ground for termination under 43-292(6), the...Read more
Filed on
Friday, May 15, 1992
SUMMARY: Adjudication and termination of parental rights was improper when petition did not allege any wrongdoing as to the daughter. The parents’ due process rights were violated when they were not advised of the potential consequence of termination of parental rights before they admitted to the...Read more
Filed on
Friday, April 3, 1992
SUMMARY: The physical presence of a parent at the hearing to terminate parental rights is unnecessary so long as the parent has been provided procedural due process. Parental incarceration may be considered in reference to abandonment as a basis for termination of parental rights under 43-292(1). L...Read more
Filed on
Thursday, December 24, 1987
Summary : Termination of parental rights was not support by the evidence that the mother had effectively completed the rehabilitation plan requirements related to the conditions of the adjudication, had not been given reasonable opportunity to complete other requirements, and many of the incomplete...Read more


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