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Thursday, April 23, 1998
SUMMARY: Preadjudication and postadjudication detention hearings are dispositional in nature and strict rules of evidence are not applied to dispositional hearings, thus allowing caseworker hearsay testimony to be admitted. Gloria, 12 years of age, entered foster care in March 1993. Parental rights...Read more
Filed on
Tuesday, May 21, 1996
SUMMARY: A juvenile court does not have jurisdiction to terminate parental rights during an appeal. Termination proceedings are not collateral and independent from initial proceedings in a 3a case. A second detention order entered after adjudication has been held is a final, appealable order...Read more
Filed on
Friday, March 12, 1993
SUMMARY: Neb. Rev. Stat. section 43-285(2), which provides that a party must prove by a preponderance of evidence that the proposed DHHS case plan is not in the child’s best interests in order for the court to disapprove it, is not unconstitutional as applied in this case because the mother never...Read more
Filed on
Friday, April 3, 1992
SUMMARY: The physical presence of a parent at the hearing to terminate parental rights is unnecessary so long as the parent has been provided procedural due process. Parental incarceration may be considered in reference to abandonment as a basis for termination of parental rights under 43-292(1). L...Read more
Filed on
Friday, October 19, 1990
Summary: Evidence supported termination of parental rights when the mother suffers from mental illness which renders her incapable of discharging parental responsibility. The Platte County Juvenile Court found D.S. unable to discharge her parental responsibilities due to her mental illness and...Read more
Filed on
Friday, May 4, 1990
SUMMARY: The statutory time limit to hold an adjudication hearing is directory, not mandatory. The mother’s failure to protect her child from abuse by the father by allowing her to live with him when she knew he was abusive was sufficient cause for termination of parental rights. C.P, DOB 9/22/83,...Read more
Filed on
Friday, October 28, 1988
Summary: Evidence that M.M., the father, suffers from a personality disorder characterized by impulsivity and violent outbursts, that he is not amenable to treatment, and that the disorder resulted in abuse of an older child is enough to conclude he suffers from a mental illness or deficit and that...Read more
Filed on
Friday, May 31, 1985
SUMMARY: The rehabilitation plan must be reasonable and under the direction of the juvenile court. Siblings have the right to know each other. Delays in progression of the case due to court or agency conduct cannot be used to justify termination of parental rights due to the child’s bonding with...Read more


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