Civil Justice Reform Working Group

Civil Justice Reform Working Group

Origin/Authorization: Nebraska Supreme Court consultation minutes created the committee as a standing committee to the Access to Justice Commission, October 24, 2018. 

On December 23, 2020, the Supreme Court converted it from a permanent standing committee to a working group.

Terms: At the pleasure of the Court.

Member Title/Organization Appointment Date

Justice Jonathan J. Papik

Supreme Court Justice


Corey Steel

State Court Administrator 1-16-19
Judge Darla S. Ideus District Court 1-16-19
Judge Horacio J. Wheelock District Court 1-16-19
Judge Ryan Carson District Court 1-16-19
Sen. Mike Hilgers Senator 1-16-19
Ron Murtaugh Douglas County Court, Judicial Administrator 1-16-19
Troy Hawk Lancaster County District Court Clerk 1-16-19
Carole McMahon-Boies Attorney Services Division 1-16-19
Jane Martin-Hoffman Nebraska Mediation Center 1-16-19
Judge Jim Doyle District Court 1-16-19
Judge Derek R. Vaughn County Court 1-16-19
Judge Thomas K. Harmon County Court 1-16-19
Andrew D. Sibbernsen Sibbernsen Strigenz & Sibbernsen 1-16-19
Renee Eveland Cline Williams 1-16-19
Milo Mumgaard Legal Aid 1-16-19
Amie Martinez Anderson Creager Wittstruck 1-16-19
Tim Engler Rembolt Ludtke 1-16-19
Jim Welsh Welsh & Welsh 1-16-19
Prof. Kevin Ruser UNL College of Law 1-16-19