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Committees and Commissions

Categorysort ascending Committee Title
Improvement of Justice Security Committee, Statewide
Lawyers District Committees on Inquiry
Improvement of Justice Technology Committee
Lawyers Disciplinary Review Board
Judges / Employee Associations County Judges' Association
Lawyers State Bar Commission
Judges / Employee Associations County Court Association
Lawyers MCLE - Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Commission
Judges / Employee Associations Clerks of the District Court Association
Improvement of Justice Judicial Nominating Commission
Judges / Employee Associations District Judges' Association
Judges / Staff / Mediation LB 561 Implementation Committee
Improvement of Justice Interpreter Advisory Committee
Judges / Employee Associations Official Court Reporters' Association
Judges / Staff / Mediation SCCALES Automation Committee
Improvement of Justice Judicial Resources Commission
Judges / Employee Associations Juvenile Judges' Association
Improvement of Justice Advisory Council on Public Guardianship
Improvement of Justice Minority Justice Committee
Judges / Staff / Mediation Dispute Resolution Advisory Council
Improvement of Justice Unauthorized Practice of Law Commission
Judges / Staff / Mediation Forms Committees for Nebraska Trial Courts
Improvement of Justice Reengineering Committee, Nebraska Court System
Judges / Staff / Mediation JBE Advisory Committee, Judicial Branch Education
Improvement of Justice Commission on Guardianships and Conservatorships
Judges / Staff / Mediation Judicial Ethics Committee
Improvement of Justice Children in the Courts Commission
Judges / Staff / Mediation Judicial Qualifications Commission
Improvement of Justice Problem-Solving Courts Committee
Judges / Staff / Mediation Personnel Board, Supreme Court
Improvement of Justice Probation Services Committee
Lawyers Advisory Committee to Nebraska Attorneys
Improvement of Justice Self-Represented Litigation Committee
Lawyers Practice & Procedure Committee, Supreme Court