County Judges Summer Conference – June 2019

County Judges Summer Conference – June 2019

Monday, July 29, 2019

County Judges from across the State of Nebraska gathered for a three-day County Judges Annual Conference in late June.  

The first day of the conference, Nathan Clark presented on civil law updates. Judge John Rademacher gave criminal law updates, and Judge Frank Skorupa spoke about recent legislative bills. Judge Donna Taylor & Staff Attorney, Mark Grimes presented an overview on the Rule on Exhibits which included common law and first amendment right of access. The day ended with Judge Linda Bauer speaking on probable cause affidavits.

On the second day, Attorney General, Glen Parks spoke on Human Trafficking in Nebraska. Judge C. Jo Peterson spoke about Fines, Fees, & Bail Reform Efforts. In the afternoon, Rick Jeffries presented on e-Competency and the different ways technology is used, whether good or bad. Interstate Compact Director Jacey Rader, explained how the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision helps promote public safety and tracks offenders through supervision. Judge Linda Bauer, Judge Anne Paine & Paula Crouse presented information on the process of sealing records through JUSTICE.

On the final day, Mindy Rush-Chipman, from the Immigrant Legal Center presented on Protections of the Special Immigration Status for Juveniles. Serena Holthe, National Juvenile Defender Center & Judge Thomas Foster presented on the Role of Judges in Addressing JV Court Fees, Fines, Costs, Restitution, and Bail. As the morning continued, Judge Kris Mickey spoke on Juvenile Law Updates. The conference concluded with a presentation on NSBA JV Law Section Proposed Changes & Legislative Process by Ret. Judge Patrick McDermott.