Courthouse Management and Staff Members Receive Law Day Public Service Award

Courthouse Management and Staff Members Receive Law Day Public Service Award

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Courthouse Management and Staff Members Receive Law Day Public Service Award

Managers of the Douglas County and Sarpy courthouse and their respective staff members were recognized during the Omaha Bar Association’s (OBA) annual Law Day awards ceremony for their continued work to keep the ‘wheels of justice turning. Given the circumstances of 2020 and the extraordinary work of court staff in the area, the award recognizes the hard work of all who kept the courts open throughout the pandemic.

Watch interviews on the OBA Website (OBA webpage information and links below)

Omaha Bar Association's Public Service Award Recipient for 2021: Courthouse Staff of Douglas and Sarpy County Courthouses

Each year, the Omaha Bar Association recognizes a non-attorney or non-attorney entity for their service to the public related to access to the courts and knowledge of the law. With all that has gone on over the past year with COVID-19 and the pandemic, the OBA Public Service Committee has selected the courthouse staff of the Douglas and Sarpy County Courthouses as the recipients of the Award.

In the last year, things shut down, and many parts of our lives came to a standstill. But through all of this uncertainty, one cornerstone of the legal system didn’t stop. The courthouses and their staff, both in Douglas and Sarpy Counties continued to do the work necessary to keep business moving forward, in as safe and efficient manner as possible. It wasn’t always easy, but the courthouse staff have done extraordinary work to keep the wheels of justice turning. Many years this Award is given to one individual, but this year, we are making a point to recognize and shine a light on the entire courthouse staffs, from top to bottom. Coordination and open communications between so many offices and involved parties was critical to keeping people safe and cases moving forward; and the staff did this in spades.

The OBA was able to sit down with many of in the courthouses to understand all that went on to keep things going this last year. You can watch those videos here:

(1) Ron Murtuagh, Douglas County Court Administrator

(2) Hon. Sheryl Lohaus, Douglas County Court Presiding Judge in 2020

(3) Dori Heath, Sarpy County District Court Clerk

(4) Hon. Stefanie Martinez, Sarpy County District Court

(5) Doug Johnson, Douglas County District Court Administrator

(6) Hon. Horacio Wheelock, Douglas County District Court Presiding Judge in 2020