Courtroom Technology Upgrades Continue

Courtroom Technology Upgrades Continue

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

After the first courtroom technology upgrades were completed in Cedar County in October, the installation phase of the Nebraska Judicial Branch courtroom technology upgrade project is slowly starting to gather steam.

Shared courtrooms in Dixon, Pierce, Thurston, and Wayne counties had their new systems installed in November and December 2022, along with one district court and one county court in Madison County.

Each courtroom is unique and has presented its own specific challenges. With each completed installation, the installers from CTI Technology are establishing their process and creating a foundation to allow them to move more quickly across the rest of the state in 2023. These initial courts, who have volunteered to be the first, deserve a lot of credit as they are greatly helping to work out the details and kinks of installation. The initial installation process has resulted in better planning and more precise communication with upcoming courts. Also, the work with these courts is what CTI Technology uses to create a solid system of training and user documentation.

The first months of the year will bring about a dozen more counties visited by CTI installers to upgrade courtrooms, with simultaneous work to prepare and schedule all remaining counties.

About the project:  

Cedar County was the first of nearly 200 trial court courtrooms to upgrade audio-visual equipment through the Nebraska Judicial Branch courtroom technology upgrade project. Courthouses and judicial centers across the state will undergo a similar transformation based on their needs and existing technology infrastructure.

The goal of the project is to

  • Increase consistency between trial courts statewide in audio-visual systems available to use in conducting court.
  • Ensure all courts have the best quality audio amplification and capture of the court record to ensure all court participants and observers can hear proceedings. 
  • Provide all courts with cameras and displays that facilitate fully remote and hybrid hearings.
  • Ensure all courts have the technology necessary to manage and present digital evidence.

The Administrative Office Information Technology Division staff are managing the project through Chief Information Officer Chad Cornelius. Former Deputy Administrator Jennifer Rasmussen is working on contract to manage the project with installers from CTI Technology.