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Oral Arguments are uploaded to this Web site within 24-hours of the close of arguments for the day. Video is uploaded for the full session (click to the right of the date), audio is available for each case (click to right of case title), case summaries (descriptions) are linked to each title.

Friday, May 26, 2017
Case Name Case Number County
City of Lincoln, Nebraska v. County of Lancaster, Nebraska
S-16-0852 Lancaster
Cano v. Walker
S-16-0634 Douglas
Mutual of Omaha Bank v. Watson
S-16-0906 Lancaster
State v. Combs
S-16-0798 Lancaster
Dugan v. State
S-16-0421 Lancaster
Video Arguments on 05-25-2016
Thursday, May 25, 2017
Case Name Case Number County
In re Estate of Fuchs
In re Estate of Etmund
S-16-0804 Lancaster
Frohberg Electric Company, Inc. v. Grossenburg Implement, Inc.
S-16-0987 Wayne
Salem Grain Company, Inc. v. Consolidated Grain & Barge Company
S-16-0995 Richardson
Knapp v. Ruser
S-16-0785 Lancaster
Video Arguments on 05-25-2017
Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Case Name Case Number County
State v. Bohy
S-16-0901 Knox
Karo v. NAU Country Insurance Company
S-16-0810 Holt
State v. Mendez-Osorio
S-16-0550 Saline
In re Interest of Skyleeya M.
S-16-0763 Douglas
Video Arguments on 05-24-2017
Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Case Name Case Number County
Sullwold v. Grand Island Public Schools
S-16-0875 Hall
In re Interest of Dante S.
S-16-0812 Lancaster
In re Estate of Psota
S-16-0873 Valley
State v. Jones
S-16-1001 Sarpy
State v. Phillips
S-16-0845 Lancaster
State v. Rogers
S-16-1114 Lancaster
Video Arguments on 05/23/2017
Thursday, April 27, 2017
Case Name Case Number County
State v. McColery
S-16-1017 Lancaster
State v. Gach
S-16-0156 Douglas
Walters v. Sporer
S-16-0623 Hitchcock
State v. Robbins
S-16-0155 Lancaster
Doe v. McCoy
S-16-0746 Douglas
Video Arguments on 04-26-2017
Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Case Name Case Number County
Stephens v. Stephens
S-16-0431 Lancaster
In the Matter of the Nebraska Public Service Commission, Appl. PI-205
S-16-0734 Douglas
Landrum v. City of Omaha Planning Board
S-16-0383 Douglas
State v. Schwaderer
S-16-0501 Lancaster
Video Arguments on 04/26/2017
Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Case Name Case Number County
State v. Schiesser (PFR)
S-16-0115 Lancaster
Greenwood v. J.J. Hooligan's, LLC
S-16-0932 Douglas
Kroemer v. Omaha Track Equipment, LLC
S-16-0856 Douglas
Armstrong v. Clarkson College
S-16-0717 Douglas
Video Arguments on 04/25/2017
Monday, April 24, 2017
Case Name Case Number County
State v. Jessop
Barnes v. American Standard Insurance Company of Wisconsin
S-16-0854 Douglas
State v. Robert Hidalgo
S-16-0660 Douglas
Wolsleben v. Wolsleben
S-16-0958 Dodge
Fales v. County of Stanton, Nebraska
S-16-0936 Madison
Video Arguments on 04/24/2017
Friday, March 31, 2017
Case Name Case Number County Case Audio
State v. Wood
S-16-0190 Douglas Audio (7.8 MB)
In re Estate of Chapman
S-16-0347 Sarpy Audio (9.79 MB)
Hike v. Department of Roads
S-16-0593 Sarpy Audio (10.66 MB)
Walters v. Colford
S-16-0641 Butler Audio (10 MB)