Approved Mediators List

Approved Mediators List

Approved Parenting Act Mediators are those approved by ODR, on behalf of the State Court Administrator, who have met statutory and policy requirements including mediator training, continuing education, and apprenticeship standards; who agree to adhere to the Nebraska Standards of Practice and Ethics for Family Mediators; who demonstrate and maintain an active status as a Parenting Act mediator; and who have passed a background check. Are you interested in becoming an approved Parenting Act mediator? Check out the Parenting Act Mediator Information page.

Each mediator included in The List of Approved Parenting Act Mediators has met the criteria listed above, based upon his or her application and as determined by ODR.

Referral Process

a) To make a referral for parenting plan mediation with approved mediators who are affiliated with one of the six Nebraska ODR-approved Mediation Centers or with the Douglas County District Court Conciliation and Mediation Office, contact that mediation center or office directly. Links to those organizations are provided next to each affiliated mediator’s name.

b) To make a referral for parenting plan mediation with approved mediators in private practice, contact that individual directly. Links to their contact information are provided for each private mediator.

Name Contact Countysort descending Judicial District SADR Trained Mediation Center Affiliation(s)
Scottsbluff NE
P: 307-3592488
P: 3086352002
Scotts Bluff 12 No Mediation West
Scottsbluff NE
P: 308-635-5000
P: 308-641-9913
F: 308-635-8000
Scotts Bluff 12 Yes Private
Mediation West
Scottsbluff NE
P: 308-635-2002
P: 402-314-0819
F: 308-635-2420
Scotts Bluff 12 Yes Mediation West
Scottsbluff NE
P: 308-672-2135
Scotts Bluff 11, 12 Yes Mediation West
Scottsbluff NE
P: 308-630-0909
P: 308-641-0640
F: 308-630-0932
Scotts Bluff 12 No Private
Ord NE
P: 308-728-3639
F: 308-728-3630
Valley 1, 5, 9, 10, 11 Yes Central Mediation Center
York NE
P: 402-710-1028
P: 402-362-4849
York 1, 3, 5, 9 No The Mediation Center