Early January Start For New Problem-Solving Court Serving Saunders, Butler and Colfax Counties

Early January Start For New Problem-Solving Court Serving Saunders, Butler and Colfax Counties

Monday, January 13, 2020

The 5th Judicial District Problem-Solving Court has been expanded to provide problem-solving court services to individuals in Saunders, Butler, and Colfax Counties. This is an expansion of the problem-solving court, which already exists in Hamilton, Merrick, and York Counties. 

Judge Tina Marroquin is the presiding judge of the court in all three counties, which began serving participants on January 7, 2020.

Judge Rachel Daugherty serves as the presiding judge over the 5th Judicial District Problem-Solving Court serving Hamilton and Merrick Counties. Judge James Stecker presides over the Problem-Solving Court serving York County.

Problem-Solving Courts are an alternate route through the criminal justice system for nonviolent drug-related offenders. Nebraska Adult Drug Courts utilize a specialized team process that functions within the existing court structure. Adult drug courts are designed to achieve a reduction in recidivism and substance use among individuals with substance use disorders. The court’s goal is to protect public safety and increase the participant’s likelihood of successful rehabilitation by utilizing validated risk and need assessments, early and individualized behavioral health treatment, frequent and random chemical testing, incentives, sanctions, and other rehabilitative and ancillary services.

Problem-Solving Courts in Nebraska operate under a team approach where a judge, prosecutor, defense counsel, coordinator, community supervision officer, law enforcement, and treatment provider(s) work together to design an individualized program for each participant. Compliance with treatment and court orders is verified by frequent alcohol/drug testing, close community supervision, and interaction with a judge in non-adversarial court review hearings. Problem-Solving Courts enhance close monitoring of participants using home and field visits.

If participants fail to complete the Problem-Solving Court program, they are sentenced on the original charge. If they successfully complete the program, participants may request to withdraw their plea of guilty and have their original charges dismissed. The goal is to help court participants become productive citizens rather than continuing the revolving door of incarceration.

The 5th Judicial District Problem-Solving Court under Marroquin is the newest addition to the statewide system of Problem-Solving Courts and the second to be approved under the expansion dollars made available through the Nebraska Legislature.

For further information, contact:

Morgan Campbell, 5th Judicial District Problem-Solving Court Coordinator, 402-821-7114

Adam Jorgensen, Statewide Problem-Solving Court Coordinator, 402-471-4415 or 402-219-4297