Everyday Heroes: Supreme Court Language Team Honored

Everyday Heroes: Supreme Court Language Team Honored

Thursday, September 14, 2023

The Language Access Operations Team: Adrian Hinojosa, Olivia Brockman, and Kari Corkle, ensured equal access to justice for court clients and witnesses with limited English proficiency in Nebraska in June 2023, despite facing an unexpected shortage of contract interpreters.

Hinojosa and Brockman served as the primary in-person Spanish interpreters at Douglas and Sarpy County Courthouses, while also providing remote support to the entire state. Alongside Coordinator Kari Corkle, they worked tirelessly to create a no-excuse environment while maintaining services.

To ensure continuous linguistic assistance, the team collaborated with interpreters from various states, including California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Nebraska, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. Their dedication and cooperation ensured that Nebraska's courts and probation system had the necessary language support to meet the diverse needs of their clients and witnesses.

Adrian, Olivia, and Kari thank you for putting in the work -- communicating continuously to get the interpreters where they were needed and remaining positive.  Your teamwork created great success during a very challenging time.  

Photo: Kathleen Valle (second from left) with The Language Access Operations Team: (L to R) Kari Corkle, Adrian Hinojosa, and Olivia Brockman celebrating 50 years of interpretation in Nebraska’s courts.