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Rule 4-8. Duties of Court Administrator

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   The Court Administrator shall have general supervision over and administer the nonjudicial activities and functions of the court; appoint and remove and direct the work of all personnel of the office of the Court Administrator; procure supplies and equipment; provide reports relating to the business and administration of the court; prepare the court's budget and payroll; maintain liaison with governmental and other public and private groups interested in the administration of the court; attend meetings of the judges and serve as secretary; and perform such other duties assigned by the court for proper and efficient administration. In addition, the Court Administrator shall be responsible for the management, allocation, and release of jurors. Trial courts shall inform the Court Administrator relative to the need for jurors, and the Court Administrator shall notify the Clerk of the court concerning specific assignments. Literature for jurors shall be disseminated under the supervision of the Court Administrator as directed by the presiding judge.

Adopted effective December 29, 1995.

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