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Rule 7-12. Mediation in Domestic Relations Cases (Parenting Act, § 43-2920 et seq.)

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   Except as provided by § 43-2937(4), all parties to a domestic relations action involving child custody, child support, parenting time, visitation or other access, or removal from the jurisdiction of the court, including original actions or modifications, who have not submitted a stipulated parenting plan to the court by the date of the pretrial conference, or in the event there is no pretrial conference, by the date of the final hearing/trial shall be required to participate in mediation or specialized alternative dispute resolution in an effort to complete a stipulated parenting plan, and  no final hearing/trial will be held until mediation has been attempted in accordance with §§ 43-2937(3) and 43-2939(6).

Approved May 12, 2010; effective July 1, 2010.

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