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Rule 10-18. Limited Scope Representation

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   All lawyers providing limited scope representation to a client shall do so pursuant to the terms of Neb. Ct. R. of Prof. Cond. § 3-501.2. If such representation is done pursuant to Neb. Ct. R. of Prof. Cond. § 3‑501.2(d), the lawyer shall file a “Limited Appearance.” The “Limited Appearance” shall contain: (1) a written acceptance by the client setting forth the client’s understanding of the scope, nature, and acceptance of the representation and (2) a statement that all pleadings, motions, and notices should be sent to the lawyer entering the “Limited Appearance.” When the representation is complete, the lawyer shall file within 10 days a “Certificate of Completion of Limited Representation” with the court. The certificate shall contain a statement that all future pleadings, motions, and notices should be sent directly to the pro se litigant. An order of the court allowing the lawyer to withdraw is not required. 

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