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Rule 10-21. Motions and Hearings

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   Except as otherwise provided by law or order of the court, all motions shall be in writing and filed within 10 days of oral notification of a party’s intent to file the same. In the absence of such oral notification the motion shall be filed within 5 working days of the requested hearing, unless otherwise ordered by the court.

   At the time any such motion is filed, counsel shall obtain a hearing date from the bailiff and provide a written notice of hearing, unless the same is noted in a previous order. A notice of hearing shall be required for each such motion, even if additional motions are scheduled for hearing in the same case. The notice of hearing shall be mailed by regular U.S. mail, postage prepaid, or personally delivered to opposing counsel or a pro se defendant at least 5 working days prior to said hearing.

   Hearings on motions to suppress evidence and matters requiring more than 5 days notice shall be set as designated by the court, and a notice of hearing shall be provided to counsel or a pro se defendant as set forth above.

   In criminal cases, journalizing shall always be the responsibility of the county attorney.

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