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Rule 12-5. Jury Trials

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   A. Availability of Counsel During Jury Deliberations. Counsel shall be available on short notice, personally or by telephone as ordered by the court, during jury deliberations in the event of a verdict or a question by the jury. The clerk or bailiff should be kept informed of where counsel will be at all times when the jury is deliberating, unless excused by the court.

   B. Absence of Counsel on Receipt of Verdict. In civil cases, the court will not deem it necessary that any party or any counsel be present or represented when the jury returns to the courtroom with its verdict.

   C. Presence of Defendant in Criminal Cases. The defendant and counsel must be present when the jury returns to the courtroom with its verdict. Defense counsel shall be responsible for producing the defendant in court when the jury returns with its verdict and at all other times ordered by the court. 

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