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Rule 9. Child Support Hearings

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   9.1  Child support hearings in the juvenile court shall be conducted in accordance with Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 43-290 and 43-2,113(3).

   9.2  If filed in the juvenile court, the county attorney or authorized attorney shall give notice of the filing of said action and of any hearings to the attorney of record, if any, for the parent from whom child support is being sought, or directly to the parent, if unrepresented by counsel; to the guardian ad litem for the juvenile, if any; and to an attorney for the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services if the juvenile is in the custody of the department. Notice of any hearing shall be given by first-class mail; or by personal service; or by other means consented to by the receiving party; and shall be given as soon as possible, but at least ten (10)  judicial days prior to the hearing.
   In said action, counsel are required to comply with the Nebraska Child Support Guidelines as promulgated and modified by the Nebraska Supreme Court. The county attorney or authorized attorney and the attorney for the parent, if any, shall complete a child support calculation worksheet pursuant to the guidelines and furnish the worksheet to opposing counsel or parties at least three (3) days prior to any hearing on a request for child or medical support. The party setting a child or medical support action for trial shall request sufficient time for trial of the case. Notice shall be given as set out above.

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