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Rule II. Court Scheduling

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   A. Insofar as feasible, the Court will hear matters in the order of filing at approximately the following days and times:
Monday & Tuesday: Arraignments, Dispositions, Motions, Uncontested Adjudications, Pretrial Conferences
Wednesday: Disposition Hearings, Motions
Thursday: Disposition Hearings, Motions, Drug Treatment Court Staffings (2:30 p.m.), Drug Treatment Court Hearings (3:30 p.m.)
Friday: Contested Adjudications, Motions
   B. Detention Hearings will be heard at 8:45 a.m. Monday through Friday with exceptions only approved by the Court. In order to provide adequate time, counsel or parties wishing to contest a detention hearing shall promptly notify the Bailiff or the Court. All parties and attorneys present at a pretrial conference shall prepare for the Court an order detailing any Agreements. Said order may be prepared on the form provided by the Court for said hearing.
   C. Upon detaining a minor who already has court-appointed counsel on the same docket and page, the juvenile probation office shall notify said minor's counsel of any detention hearing set within 24 judicial hours of said detention. Notice may include sending a copy of said detention authorization by way of a facsimile transmission to counsel of record. Counsel of record shall be present at the detention hearing unless the appearance of counsel is waived by the Court. In circumstances where counsel is unavailable, the Court may proceed with the detention hearing and provide counsel with an opportunity for a detention review hearing.
Adopted March 31, 1995.

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