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Rule IX. Court Reports

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   A. Case plans, Court reports, and other similar documents shall be delivered to the Court at least two (2) judicial days prior to the hearing. The parties may motion the Court for an order requiring the Nebraska Department of Social Services to deliver copies of said reports to counsel of record at least two (2) judicial days prior to the hearing.
   B. Guardian Ad Litem reports shall be delivered to all counsel, parties, and the Court at least one (1) judicial day prior to the hearing.
   C. Time allocation for further reviews or further disposition hearings shall be fifteen (15) minutes and counsel, upon determining more time may be necessary, shall notify the Bailiff as soon as possible so that additional time may be arranged.
   D. Where an interpreter will be necessary, counsel shall inform the Bailiff so arrangements can be made to obtain the appropriate interpreter.
   E. Counsel representing incarcerated parents shall request a transportation order sufficiently in advance from the Bailiff, if the party wants to be present. When notice has been sent to an incarcerated parent, unless a request is made, the Court will not enter a transportation order.
Adopted March 31, 1995.

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