Rule 10. Court Files

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Rule 10. Court Files

   10.1  Court files may be checked out by attorneys licensed to practice law in Nebraska or by an attorney's law clerk or other duly-authorized representative. Proper identification shall be furnished upon request by the Clerk, and the person checking out the court file shall sign a receipt for the file upon which the Clerk shall note or stamp the date and time of check-out.

   10.2  A court file may be checked out for a period not to exceed one judicial day and may be checked out for purposes of making copies of the same, or to present the file to the court or to the parties in connection with any matter. Files shall be returned to the Clerk with all documents in the exact same order and condition as when they were checked out.

   10.3  In no event shall a juvenile court file be returned to the Clerk later than three (3) judicial days prior to any juvenile court hearing or proceeding in the case to which the file/files relate. It is the responsibility of each attorney or firm checking out the court file to be aware of the date of the next hearing or trial in the case.

   10.4  All other persons, including individuals appearing pro se, may review the court file in the presence of the Clerk and, for a fee, obtain copies of pleadings contained within the court file. Copy fees shall be waived for indigent pro se litigants.

   10.5  Violation or failure to comply with these Rules governing court files will result in cancellation by the Clerk of the privilege to check out court files by said attorney or by such other person. The Clerk will maintain a list of persons whose privilege to check out court files has been canceled. A judge of the juvenile court may reinstate such privilege upon good cause shown.