Rule 12. Miscellaneous

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Rule 12. Miscellaneous

   12.1  Generally, court costs ordered paid in Juvenile Court shall be paid to the Clerk of the District Court for Douglas County. Payor shall be able to provide docket and page or case number of the case for appropriate credit.

   12.2  Counsel shall inform the court's bailiff if an interpreter is needed for any hearing so that arrangements can be made to obtain an appropriate interpreter.

   12.3  Where counsel for a parent has reason to believe that his or her client is incarcerated or otherwise detained, counsel shall timely contact the Juvenile Court Administrator's office to make suitable arrangements for the transportation of the parent to the hearing, which may necessitate the filing of a motion by counsel and the obtaining of an order for transport.

   12.4  The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services shall notify, in writing, the court and all parties within one (1) judicial day of any emergency change in the child's placement and shall notify the court and all parties, in writing, seven (7) days prior to any non-emergency change in placement.

   12.5  Companion Cases. The county attorney shall, at the time of filing each petition, note or stamp upon the front-page of the petition, the case title and docket number of all other open companion cases involving the juvenile, and the name of the judge to whom each companion case has been assigned.

   A "companion case" as defined by this Rule includes: (1) all other open dockets involving the juvenile, whether delinquency, status offense, abuse-neglect, or dependency, filed under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 43-247; and (2) those in which multiple juveniles are charged, in separate petitions, with delinquent acts arising out of the same set of facts.

   12.6  Request for Transcript by Non-party. Where a non-party seeks the transcript of any juvenile court hearing pursuant to Neb. Ct. R. § 1-203, such non-party shall (1) file an appropriate pleading with the juvenile court in accordance with Rule 6 of these Rules, which pleading shall contain the request for the transcript of each requested hearing, and (2) secure a hearing date from the bailiff regarding the request.

   12.7  Such non-party shall perfect service of his or her pleading in accordance with Rule 8 of these Rules. Where a request for transcript of hearing is made in a case where the court's jurisdiction has been terminated, notice and service under Rule 8 shall be given by the non-party requestor to all persons or entities who were parties to the proceeding on the date of the hearing for which the transcript is being requested.

   12.8  After hearing upon the request, the court shall issue an order either granting or denying the request.

   12.9  Payment of all costs for the preparation of the transcript shall be governed by Neb. Ct. R. § 1-203(B).