Form Revisions and Additions

Form Revisions and Additions

Monday, November 23, 2020

The following new and revised forms were recently uploaded to the website.  

In response to legislative changes effective on November 14, 2020:

  • Plaintiff’s Claim and Notice to Defendant (Small Claims) Ch6Art14App4 (CC4:1). LB1028 removed the requirement for a notary to witness the plaintiff’s signature on a small claims form, but failed to remove the language requirement on the form that refers to the notary. Transitional language was added to the form to explain that a notary is not required. 
  • Order Deducting Costs from Bond, CC13:7, LB881 removed the authority to deduct fines from a bond unless authorized by the defendant. The form was changed accordingly.
  • Subpoenas (If issued pursuant to Neb.Rev.Stat. §24-1223(5)(6)& (7)), CC6:2, 6:2.1 and 6:2.2; JC14:2, JC14:2.1 and JC14:2.2   Changes were initiated by passage of LB912.  Language changed in these subpoenas regarding mail service and in the certificates of mailing; statutory references were revised and an affidavit was made available where needed for service by someone other than a sheriff or constable.                       

Forms Posted in October 2020:

Guardianship/Conservatorship forms

  • Annual Report of Guardian on Condition of Ward, CC16:2.14.  Several courts had requested that this stand-alone form be made available again. 
  • Annual Report of Guardian for a Minor, CC16:2.14M.  This new stand-alone form was developed from information in the Guardian of a Minor Reporting Packet, at the request of courts who were requiring only the condition of ward form in these cases. 
  • Waiver and Plea of Guilty (Spanish), CC2:1.  The Spanish translation was updated to incorporate 08/27/2020 changes to the English language waiver form. 
  • Notice to Interested Persons Flowchart, no form number.  This flowchart has been posted to the Intranet for court staff.  It provides information on the changes to interested persons under the 2020 Nebraska Supreme Court rule changes.
  • Guardian/Conservator 2020 Cover letter, no form number.  This cover letter from State Court Administrator Corey Steel is to be included by court staff with every 45 day notice of guardianship and conservatorship reports due issued April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021.  It explains the guardian and conservator’s changing responsibilities under the 2020 rule changes.  
  • Annual Document Review Worksheet and Instructions, CC16:2.43.  At courts’ request the 2020 updated review forms are being offered in the more linear format with which the courts had worked previously.  Both formats collect the same information and the judge may choose which they prefer their staff use in reviewing guardian/conservator annual reports.              

Administration forms

  • Request for Pass Thru Authority, AD2:23.  This was an existing IT form which has been uploaded to the Master Forms List to make it more available to court staff who need it. The form is used when requesting authority for court staff access provide onsite or remote support to another court.

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