Fremont Community's Resounding Welcome: Supreme Court Chief Justice's Summer Tour Draws Impressive Turnout

Fremont Community's Resounding Welcome: Supreme Court Chief Justice's Summer Tour Draws Impressive Turnout

Monday, August 28, 2023

In a remarkable display of unity and enthusiasm, the Supreme Court Chief Justice's Summer Tour was greeted with exceptional community support and participation in Fremont. The event, which encompassed a wide range of activities and presentations, showcased the community's appreciation for the judicial system and the judicial system’s appreciation of its community.

One of the early highlights of the tour was a morning presentation focused on the innovative initiatives of the Nebraska Mediation Center. With a focus on their new and ongoing programs, presentations made by Executive Director Michelle Lueders provided valuable insights into the Center's efforts to enhance conflict resolution within the community. Office of Dispute Resolution Director Kelly Riley added to the program through a discussion of Juvenile Restorative Justice initiatives and resources. 

The tour also highlighted the vital work of the district court, particularly in areas such as re-entry client check-ins and the observation of a Problem-Solving Court graduation. These segments of the event highlighted the commitment of the judiciary, the probation system, area lawyers, and community members to active participation in rehabilitation and restorative justice. The dedication to helping individuals reintegrate into society and address underlying issues drew admiration from attendees and local media.

County judges took the opportunity to provide a comprehensive overview of the changes taking place within the courthouse. They discussed not only physical rearrangements but also delved into the shifting demographics and population trends within the judicial district. The candid dialogue emphasized the court's adaptability and responsiveness to the evolving needs of the community, ensuring that justice remains accessible and effective for all.

The high point of the tour was the community luncheon at Gallery 92 West in Fremont. Arranged by Judge Geoff Hall and Chief Probation Officer Patty Lyon, the event fostered a sense of camaraderie between the Court and community leaders, highlighting the collaborative nature required to maintain safe and healthy communities.

Following luncheon introductions of the Nebraska Supreme Court, Hall noted, “Across the country, there has been a climate of distrust in the government and the judicial system. That's troubling. But in Nebraska, we are fortunate to have a Supreme Court that is hard-working, and they do not just stay in the Capitol. They go to the high schools and hear cases; they go to law schools and do the same. And we are very fortunate and very proud to have that.” Noting that the justices serve as great role models of community involvement, Hall thanked the Court for their continued support of trial courts and their communities.

The resounding turnout and enthusiasm displayed during the Supreme Court Chief Justice's Summer Tour echoed the importance of open dialogue and engagement between the judiciary and the community it serves. The event underscored that justice is not a solitary endeavor but a collective commitment that thrives on the active involvement and support of all stakeholders.

Purpose of Nebraska Supreme Court Summer Tours

According to Chief Justice Mike Heavican, summer visits are not only an opportunity to express the Court’s appreciation to community leaders for their support but also to gain valuable insights into the implementation of policies throughout the state. The Supreme Court and Chief Justice pay particular attention to the effectiveness of various court processes and use the visits to identify areas where assistance is requested, especially in terms of technology and services.

All state courts operate under the administrative direction of the Supreme Court.

Shortly after Heavican was named Chief Justice in 2006, he established the goal of visiting every one of the 93 courthouses and communities in Nebraska. Having accomplished that goal, he has continued to visit courthouses across the state, often accompanied by his fellow justices.

Summer Tour stops August 2023

Monday, August 14 – Day 1

  • Saunders County Courthouse – Wahoo
  • Colfax County Courthouse – Schuyler
  • Platte County Courthouse – Columbus
  • Madison Detention Center

Tuesday, August 15 – Day 2

  • Cedar County Courthouse – Hartington
  • Dakota County Courthouse – Dakota City
  • District 6 Reporting Center – South Sioux City

Wednesday, August 16 – Day 3

  • Winnebago Tribal Court

Thursday, August 17 – Day 4

  • Fremont Mediation & Court
  • Friday, August 18 – Day 5
  • New Douglas County Juvenile Court