C. Court-Approved Budget Reports

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C. Court-Approved Budget Reports



Q29:   If I have been ordered to file a Court-Approved Budget, what forms must I file?

A29:       A guardian or conservator may request the court allow them to file a Court-Approved Budget each year that summarizes the expenses expected for the coming year.  Individuals under such court approval must use Packet B.  The budget can allow for payments such as rent, room, board, and fees at the end of the annual reporting period.  The guardian must file a report summarizing the payments made, including any beyond the estimate, a copy of the last bank statement, and an inventory at the end of the year, as well as request a budget for the next year.  The budget might not require the same level of detail that the Annual Accounting has and may help streamline the process, especially for wards that do not have significant assets.

Q30:   If I use the Court-Approved Budget process, do I still have to complete the Annual Accounting?

A30:       Generally the budget takes the place of Annual Accounting.  But if the court determines that filing an Annual Accounting is necessary, it can still order it.  The budget forms are in many ways similar to the Annual Accounting.

Q31:   When is the budget approved?

A31:       The court can authorize the budget at a hearing after providing notice to all interested parties.  If there has been a waiver of notice and hearing signed by all interested parties, the court may enter the order without a separate hearing.