A. General Reporting Information

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A. General Reporting Information



Q20:   As guardian or conservator, do I have annual reporting responsibilities?

A20:       Every year after receiving Letters of guardianship or conservatorship, no later than 30 days after the anniversary of your appointment, you need to complete and submit the forms found in your respective guardianship or conservatorship Packet.  Completed forms must be submitted to the court that appointed you. The court will send you a notice 45 days before your due date to remind you, so it is important to keep a current mailing address with the county court in which the guardianship is filed. 

Q21:   What are the guardianship and conservatorship packets?

A21:       Beginning in 2013, required annual reporting forms are bundled in five distinct packets (A, B, C, D, E), specific to each type of guardianships or conservatorships:

  1. Guardian with control of the ward's assets – use Packet A.
  2. Guardian with a Court-Approved Budget – use Packet B.
  3. Conservator – use Packet C.
  4. Both guardian and conservator – use Packet D.
  5. Guardian without control of the ward's assets – use Packet E.

The packets are designed to simplify the reporting process for guardians and conservators, and to provide the information which courts are required by law to collect.  The packets did not change deadlines for filings or most information users must report.

Q22:   How do I know what type of guardian or conservator I am?

A22:       The court will specify what type of guardianship or conservatorship it has created.  The type of guardianship or conservatorship should be designated at the top of your Orders Appointing Guardians and Conservators and Approved Monthly Budgets (if applicable), and in your Letters of Guardianship or Conservatorship.

Q23:   What should I do if my ward receives assets during the year, or I discover new assets?

A23:       If additional assets worth more than $500 are received during the year, you must file a Notice of Newly Discovered Assets form within 30 days.

Q24:   What happens if I forget to file a report?

A24:       If you fail to file any of the required reports on time, then you will receive an Order to Show Cause.  This means you will be required to appear in court to explain why the report was not filed.

Q25:   What should I do if my annual reports will be late?

A25:       If you know that you will not get your annual reports in on time, put the following in writing and send it to the court:

  • The name of your ward;
  • The case number;
  • Why you cannot get the reports in on time;
  • When you will have the reports filed; and
  • You name, address and phone number.

Q26:   This seems a little overwhelming; do I really need to file all of these forms every year?

A26:       Yes. However, some of the annual reporting requirements may be waived for good cause shown if the guardian petitions the court.  The procedure for waivers is found in UCCR § 6-1445.01.