A. Job Postings

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A. Job Postings

   Job postings must be filed with the State Department of Personnel Jobs Website. Hiring Personnel may also post job openings in other local publications with the same language used in the State Posting. Notices placed in newspapers or publications that involve costs to the Supreme Court require prior approval from the Administrative Office. Positions shall be advertised for a minimum of 6 workdays.

   Applications shall only be accepted when a vacancy occurs.

   With prior approval, the Supreme Court may reimburse up to three applicants per position/vacancy for travel, meals, and lodging expenses incurred in traveling to and from the prospective job site/interview site.  The same policies as established for employee travel shall apply when determining the amounts to be reimbursed, and requests for reimbursement shall require the same documentation.

Amended 9-27-05; amended 7-9-15.