Judges - Retired and Currently Sitting on the Bench - Participate in High School Mock Trial Program

Judges - Retired and Currently Sitting on the Bench - Participate in High School Mock Trial Program

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Whether serving as a presiding judge, an attorney coach, or program speaker, state judges from all levels of court volunteered for the 2019 Judge Lyle Strom High School Mock Trial Program.

Judicial volunteers of note include: 

Judges John Colborn and Laurie Yardley, who are the Region 10 Coordinators, served as the hosts for the state championship.  This included securing courtrooms, jury rooms, and a conference room for the judges’ orientation.  Both Colborn and Yardley welcomed the 12 regional winners at the team orientation and conducted the judges’ orientation for all volunteer lawyers and judges. 

Judge Stefanie Martinez and retired Judge Robert Ensz, volunteered as Mock Trial Attorney Coaches for Duchesne Academy and Wayne High School respectively.  Both judges spent countless hours working with the high school students teaching the court system and preparing their strategy for the case.

Justice Stephanie Stacy served as the Supreme Court representative at the Mock Trial Recognition Banquet.  Stacy presented mock trial medallions to each team member, including the student news reporter representative.

Judge Kevin McManaman mentored student news reporters prior to their newswriting competition.   He took the opportunity to explain the legal system while emphasizing balanced reporting to the students, all of whom are considered “future” media representatives.

Judge Tom Harmon, retired judge Alan Brodbeck, retired judge Paul Korslund and retired Judge Jeff Cheuvront volunteered their services as Presiding Judges during the State Championship.

In addition, judges across the state assisted with regional high schools competitions by organizing and judging regional competitions.  Judges who volunteer for law-related education community service are much appreciated both within and outside of the legal community.