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Nebraska’s Distinguished Judges

Distinguished Judge for Improvement of the Judicial System
Judges of the Nebraska Court of Appeals, both past and present, on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Court.

In 1990, the Nebraska Legislature proposed a constitutional amendment to create an intermediate Court of Appeals. In November 1990, the voters of the State of Nebraska approved the amendment, and the Court of Appeals was established on September 6, 1991.

There have been 12 Court of Appeals judges in the 20-year history of the court. The original judges (shown in photo) include John F. Wright, William M. Connolly, and Lindsey Miller-Lerman who have since moved to the Nebraska Supreme Court; John F. Irwin and Richard D. Sievers, who remain on the Court; and Judge Edward E. Hannon, who retired from the bench.

Judges later added to the Court of Appeals roster include: Wesley C. Mues and Theodore L. Carlson, each of whom died during his term as judge; and William B. Cassel, Everett O. Inbody, Frankie J. Moore, and Michael W. Pirtle who currently serve on the Court of Appeals.

Press Release Link for the Court of Appeals' Distinguished Service Award


Distinguished Judge for Service to the Community
Hon. Susan Bazis, Douglas County Court, 4th Judicial District

Hon. Susan Bazis, Douglas County Court, 4th Judicial District, for her leadership in Nebraska’s recent comprehensive review of the statutes, court rules and procedures involved in guardianship and conservatorship proceedings across the state.

In the summer of 2010, Judge Susan Bazis along with Judges Todd Hutton and Curtis Evans were called upon by the Chief Justice to study concerns with Guardian/Conservator issues. Judge Bazis excelled at the challenge and succeeded in not only undertaking an accounting of the existing processes, but also lead a committee of judges, senators and attorneys in developing new procedures that would serve to bolster the integrity of the justice system and protect the interests of vulnerable citizens within Nebraska communities.

Judge Susan Bazis is also commended for her recent active participation in the design, development and implementation of the JUSTICE virtual Sign Desk where she helped develop a computer application that automated six of the county court’s high volume civil processes. The automations resulted in the development of standard statewide forms and created an enormous time savings for both judges and court staff.

Press Release Link for Judge Bazis’ Distinguished Service Award