Judicial Branch Inclement Weather Policy

Judicial Branch Inclement Weather Policy

Monday, November 22, 2021

In inclement weather, employees should use their best judgment in trying to get to work. If an employee chooses not to report to work, the employee must follow the policy of their particular office for reporting an absence.

Employees choosing not to work due to weather conditions must use accrued vacation leave, earned compensatory time, or, with supervisor approval, may be allowed to make up missed work time within the workweek.

  • If an employee’s worksite is closed due to severe weather, upon approval of the AOCP, the absence will be compensated, and the employee will be on a “ready to work” status, marking his/her timesheet “RTW.” “Ready to work” means the employee is ready and available to work and can be called back to work at any time when the worksite is re-opened.
  • If an office building remains open but the weather is so severe that most local businesses are closed, upon approval of the AOCP, an employee’s absence may be excused and compensated, marking his/her timesheet “AA” for administratively approved inclement weather leave.
  • To minimize the need for “RTW” of “AA” status, and because significant winter-weather events are normally anticipated in advance, it is suggested that projects be identified when conditions warrant that could be accomplished offsite should the office need to close.

Please note: County governments and county bodies do not set State Judicial Branch office hours, inclement weather days, or holidays, regardless of the hours the counties may set for county staff. The AOCP must approve all changes in Judicial Branch office schedules.