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The Responsibility of a Member of a Judicial Nominating Commission

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As a member of a Judicial Nominating Commission, you have a serious responsibility to the citizens of your state to exert your best efforts in finding the most qualified individuals to accept nomination for judicial office.

Your duty involves not only consideration of the qualifications of individuals whose names are submitted to you during the hearing process, but also the active solicitation and encouragement of those who are eminently qualified to submit their names as nominees.

You should become familiar with the necessary qualities for judicial office and should conscientiously measure each nominee with reference to these qualities.

You should recognize that the character and caliber of the judiciary of this state will depend upon the effective performance by judicial nominating commissions of their duties and responsibilities.

This is a public duty which is an honor to perform. The only compensation for the time expended is the satisfaction which you will receive in knowing that you have faithfully and competently performed your duties in the interest of improving the caliber of judicial service in the state.

Finally, all communications between a member of a judicial nominating commission and any other member of the commission or any applicant for judicial office, with the exception of those at the public hearing, are confidential. Any breach of such confidence may jeopardize the operation of future nominating commissions.

Thank you for accepting your appointment to the Nebraska Judicial Nominating Commission.

Michael G. Heavican
Chief Justice
Nebraska Supreme Court

This page was last modified on Monday, December 3, 2012