Lisa Johnson Chosen to Lead County Court in St. Paul

Lisa Johnson Chosen to Lead County Court in St. Paul

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Lisa Johnson, Court Records Clerk, has been selected to serve as Howard County Court Clerk Magistrate in St. Paul, Nebraska. Johnson will begin her duties on December 1, 2017, replacing retired Clerk Magistrate Marsha Anderson.

Johnson has worked in Howard County Court since 2011, and prior to that worked in Hall County Court beginning in 2002.  She has a thorough knowledge of court practices and understanding of the needs of Howard County. Johnson has a wealth of experience working with litigants, attorneys and local government officials. 

County Court Clerk Magistrates work under the general direction of the presiding county judge supervising, assigning, and directing the work of all staff within the county court.  The position carries a high level of responsibility for the people, paperwork, and records of the court. Johnson will be responsible for ensuring the efficiency of the court’s administrative functions and for investigating and evaluating procedural changes within the Court. She will also serve as the county court media coordinator in St. Paul. As Media Coordinator she will work with judges and news reporters to coordinate logistics for news coverage and news cameras within the courtroom.

Johnson will work in the 8th Judicial District with fellow Clerk Magistrates Kay Morrison, Cherry County; Roberta Meschke, Garfield/Greeley/Valley/Wheeler Counties; Roxanne Philben, Keya Paha/Brown Counties; Cristin Fay, Blaine County; Janelle Mostek, Sherman County; Cathy Reiman, Rock/Boyd Counties; Laura Reynoldson, Holt County; and, Debra Hansen, Custer/Loup Counties. Judges Tami Schendt and Kale Burdick direct the operation of the county court in St. Paul. Judge James Orr, who serves as the 3rd county court judge of the district, is based in Valentine. Counties listed above are combined to create the 8th Judicial District.