How to Report on Nebraska’s Trial Courts

How to Report on Nebraska’s Trial Courts

 Workshop from February 22, 2022 - 9 a.m. Central/ 8 a.m. Mountain 

Media Education Webinar from Nebraska Judicial Branch on Vimeo.

Disclaimer: the information presented during the February 2022 session and the materials below may become outdated based on statutory and/or rule changes. Links may also be broken over time.   



Criminal Justice Process in Nebraska District Court - Adults Felony

Reporters' Guide to Nebraska Trial Court Procedures

Court Coverage Guidelines

Memo Regarding Judicial Comments

Court’s JUSTICE computer system (hosted through

  • The JUSTICE Court Case Search allows you to view case details, including status, financial activity and filed documents, on both county and district court cases. Court Case search results will include the following case types; civil, criminal, juvenile, probate, small claims and traffic cases.  Cost is $1 for each case detail view. 

Nebraska Judicial Branch Website

Media Customs handout (designed for credentialed reporters with cameras who do not frequent courtrooms)

Credentialing Protocol for Expanded Media Coverage in Nebraska Trial Courts

Credentials are not needed to attend court, observe proceedings, take notes, or write stories.

Credentials are ONLY needed to participate in a media pool and to use certain electronic devices.