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1.2 Acceptable Uses of the SDCN and/or the NSCN

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   1. To provide and simplify communications with other state agencies, units of government, and citizens.

   2. To communicate and exchange professional development information, including online discussion or debate of issues in a field of knowledge.

   3. To exchange communications in conjunction with professional associations, advisory committees, standards activities, or other purposes related to the user’s professional capacity.

   4. To apply for or administer grants or contracts for work-related applications.

   5. To carry out regular administrative communications in direct support of work-related functions.

   6. To announce new products or services within the scope of work-related applications.

   7. To access databases or files for purposes of work-related reference or research material.

   8. To post work-related questions or to share work-related information.

   9. To communicate to children, teachers, doctors, day care centers, babysitters, or other family members to inform them of unexpected schedule changes, and for other minimal personal business. The use of the State’s telecommunications systems for personal business shall be kept to a minimum and shall not interfere with the conduct of state business.

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