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1.4 Acceptable Uses of Removable Media (applicable only to users of the NSCN)

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   In order to prevent damage, compromise, or loss of data, the following mandatory restrictions will apply to the use of all removable media:

   1. Only Nebraska Supreme Court owned or leased and managed removable media shall be used within the NSCN. No personal, non-Nebraska Supreme Court, or other unauthorized removable media may be used within the NSCN system.

   2. It is not permissible to use Nebraska Supreme Court owned or leased media on personal computers or other devices that do not have an official connection to the NSCN unless authorized by the Nebraska Supreme Court's Information Technology Services.

   3. Removable media should only be used to transport or store data when other more secure means, for example, NSCN e-mail system or network-shared folders, are not available.

   4. Removable media will only be used to store or transport data for such purposes of direct support of work-related functions, work-related reference, and/or research material.

   5. All removable media is to be afforded the same level of physical protection as the most sensitive material stored thereon. All removable media should be stored in a safe, secure environment at all times. Users will ensure that all removable media checked out to them will be secured discretely, carried in a closed container, and not in public view where it can attract attention.

   6. “On-Access” anti-virus and authorization scanner controls will be configured on all servers and workstations attached to the NSCN to check for removable media devices. Rather than scanning whole systems, on-access scanners will scan files and other removable media and their associated drives when they are accessed. Access is not allowed to such objects until the scanner has verified the device is authorized and virus free.

   7. When transferring data from outside of the NSCN, extreme caution must be taken, as the potential impact of malicious software attacks on the NSCN system could be severe. All data is to be scanned by the on-access scanner prior to transfer.

   8. Any loss or theft of any item of removable media must be reported immediately to the Nebraska Supreme Court's Information Technology Services so that the level of compromise can be assessed and necessary efforts can be made for recovery.

   9. If any item of removable media is no longer required, it must be destroyed by approved secure means. This is only to be carried out by the Nebraska Supreme Court's Information Technology Services.

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