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4.0 Responsibility

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   The Nebraska Supreme Court’s Information Technology Services is responsible for administration of the courts’ use of the SDCN and/or the NSCN and for ensuring compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies. Individual supervisors are responsible for the activity of their employees and for ensuring that each employee is familiar with this Nebraska Supreme Court Acceptable Use Policy for Computer and Internet Use and that failure to comply with this policy may constitute grounds for disciplinary actions (see Section 1.6).

   This policy applies to all judicial officers and employees using the SDCN and/or the NSCN or any other networks accessed through an SDCN and/or an NSCN connection, including the Internet. Compliance with this policy and the acceptable use policies of any other networks accessed through the SDCN and/or the NSCN connection is also subject to enforcement by the owner of that network.

   Should a violation of this policy occur, the individual who committed the violation shall be personally liable for his or her actions. Lack of knowledge of or familiarity with this policy shall not release an individual from such liability.

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