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VI. Termination of Authority of Guardian ad Litem

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   A. The authority of the guardian ad litem shall commence upon appointment by the court and shall continue in that case until such time as the court terminates its jurisdiction.

   B. The guardian ad litem may voluntarily withdraw from representation in any case where the guardian ad litem files a motion to withdraw, and the court, in its discretion, enters a corresponding order granting such withdrawal.

   C. A guardian ad litem may be removed from a case by the court for cause, where the court finds that the guardian ad litem’s performance is inadequate, that the guardian ad litem has substantially failed to discharge duties or act to protect the best interests of the juvenile(s) for whom the guardian ad litem was appointed, or that any other factor or circumstance prevents or substantially impairs the guardian ad litem’s ability to fairly and fully discharge his or her duties. In determining whether removal of the guardian ad litem is warranted in a particular case, the court should assess the guardian ad litem’s performance under the requirements and standards of practice imposed upon a guardian ad litem by both the Nebraska Juvenile Code as well as by these guidelines.

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