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5. Selection and Recruitment

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   Each office of the Nebraska Court System shall take steps to ensure that employees within the system are recruited and selected based on an open and competitive basis. The necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities for the specific position shall be the principal factors considered in the selection process.Selection procedures shall be uniformly administered in making a final hiring decision.  Each office is responsible for documenting all required selection activities involved in the hiring process including the interview questions and any other screening device. A copy of the hiring procedure shall be sent to the Administrative Office of the Courts/Probation.  Applications and all other material used in the hiring process may be disposed of 3 years after the date of application. 

   When a vacancy occurs, permission to fill the vacancy must be obtained from the Administrative Office of the Courts/Probation. Job notices shall be advertised both internally and externally.

Amended 7-9-2015. 

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