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A. Job Reclassification

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   When a position’s duties have significantly changed, the Administrative Office, an employee’s supervisor, or a manager who is higher in the reporting chain, may initiate a reclassification request to be submitted for administrative review. The employee’s supervisor shall complete a position description questionnaire (PDQ) to be reviewed and commented upon by local management, submitted to Personnel for review and necessary investigation, and then to the Court or Probation Administrator for approval. Reclassifications may not be requested more frequently than once a year. It is a supervisor’s responsibility to monitor changes in duties and/or responsibilities to maintain appropriate classification assignments. Any reclassification to a higher salary grade may result in a salary increase of 5% for each salary grade, with no greater than a 20% increase, unless the rate is less than the minimum permanent rate of the new classification. Any reclassification to a lower salary grade may result in a salary decrease of 5% for each salary grade, with no greater than a 20% decrease, unless the rate is more than the maximum rate of the new classification.

Amended 7-16-03; amended 7-9-15; amended 10-12-16.

This page was last modified on Monday, October 17, 2016