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B. Bilingual Employees

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   The State Court Administrator or the State Probation Administrator, in consultation with the hiring supervisor, may approve an increased hiring rate for a bilingual employee. The need for a bilingual employee and the language skill level demonstrated by testing approved by the Administrative Office will be factors in the process to approve an increased hiring rate. A bilingual employee is expected to perform all duties of the job for which he or she is hired. The supervisor should, as needed, adjust the bilingual employee’s workload based on the time the employee may be taken away from his or her duties to assist non-English speaking customers.

   Court employees who were hired prior to this policy who are or become bilingual may request testing to determine their language skill level. Based on the results of the test, the supervisor may recommend a salary adjustment to the State Court Administrator or State Probation Administrator.

   Bilingual employees shall not serve as courtroom interpreters unless approved by the Administrative Office of the Courts.

                                                                                                                        Approved 3-28-07

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