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(1) Promotions

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   Promotions to a higher salary grade may be requested by the employee's supervisor and must be approved by the Administrative Office. Most employees who are promoted from one job classification to another shall start at the Hiring Rate of the new grade or such other rate in the new salary grade so that the new salary is at least 5 % greater than the current salary but not more than 7½% greater than the current salary, whichever is greater. However, if the employee being promoted possesses outstanding qualifications in terms of education or related experience, that employee may be started at an increased rate not to exceed the Mid-point of the new salary grade. Any such increased rate requires the approval of the State Court Administrator or State Probation Administrator based upon a written recommendation of the supervisor.

   If the new salary is below the Minimum Permanent Rate of the new salary grade, the employee may be given a salary increase to the Minimum Permanent Rate at any time in the following 6 months, but must be paid at least the Minimum Permanent Rate at the end of 6 months.                                                                

Amended 6-9-04; amended 07-02-14.

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