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21. Employee Earnings Record

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Employee Earnings Record (image)

   Section 1 of the check contains gross pay amounts. In the example given, we see the gross pay broken out into regular pay, vacation taken, overtime, on-call, and holiday hours. The pay categories that apply to you on a given pay period are what will show up on your individual stub. The information is also separated by column for hours, rate of pay, current amount, and Year to Date amount.


   Section 2 of the stub contains the State’s contributions for a given pay period. On this stub, you see health and life insurance amounts paid by the State, as well as the State’s retirement contribution.


   Section 3 shows vacation and sick leave accruals for the pay period. In this example, the individual earned 7.7 hours of vacation and 9.24 hours of sick time. The first column of numbers here shows the amount earned for the pay period, the second column shows the Year to Date amount for the payroll year.


   Section 4 of the check contains sick leave and vacation deductions for a given pay period. In the example, this employee didn’t take any sick leave so you only see the 9.24 amount, which is the total amount of leave available. The employee took 24 hours of vacation leave in this pay period so it shows that 24 hours in the first column and the remaining total in the Current Amount column, which in this case is -16.30 hours as this employee only accrued 7.7 hours for this pay period and had no hours carried over from the previous calendar year.  Note: Your leave hours accrued before the new year MAY NOT be reflected on the first paystub. Those hours will appear in a subsequent pay period.


   Section 5 of the checkstub shows all of the deductions made for the pay period to include all state and federal taxes, employee contributions to insurance and retirement, as well as all elective deductions.


   Section 6 of the paystub contains totals for Gross Pay - listed in Hours and Current Amount (in dollars), a total for Deductions, and a total for Net Pay.

            Amended 7-16-03


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