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E. Military Leave

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   All employees who are members of the Nebraska National Guard or any other reserve component and who participate for up to 15 workdays in drills, encampments, maneuvers, active  duty or training, and other exercises prescribed by competent authority, will receive their full pay in addition to their military pay.

   Employees who are ordered to active duty by the Governor under emergency conditions will receive the difference between their full state pay and their military pay, provided the military pay is less than their state pay.

   Employees, other than temporary and intermittent, who leave a position to undergo military duty in the active service of the State of Nebraska are entitled to a leave of absence for the period of such training or service not to exceed 4 years, and without loss of pay during the first 15 workdays of the leave of absence. This is not in addition to the 15 days mentioned in the paragraph above. When separated from such training or service under honorable conditions, employees are entitled to reinstatement to their former positions with seniority, status, pay, and vacation as if they had not been absent, if application is made within 30 days after release from training or service. 

This page was last modified on Wednesday, July 15, 2015