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28. Catastrophic Illness Donation Program

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   Employees may contribute accrued vacation leave and/or accumulated compensatory time to a Sick Leave Bank that will be available to benefit another employee of the Nebraska Supreme Court who is suffering from a life-threatening catastrophic illness. Employees may also contribute accrued vacation leave to benefit another State employee in a different agency suffering from catastrophic illness with the agreement of both the receiving agency and the donating agency. Time shall be donated in no less than eight hour increments. The contributing employee must identify the specific amount and type of time on forms provided by the Administrative Office of the Courts for this purpose. Time donated by an employee pursuant to this provision shall be irrevocably added to the Sick Leave Bank.  The provisions of this program are nongrievable. (Note: The time an employee receives becomes wages for employment tax purposes.)

   Employees who have exhausted their own paid leave because of a bona fide serious illness or injury and who have been absent at least thirty workdays during the past six months may apply for the use of leave that is available in the Sick Leave Bank. Employees who donate vacation leave or accumulated compensatory time to the Sick Leave Bank must sign an authorization indicating such donation. 

Amended 7-9-15.

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