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A. Eligibility of Recepient

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   1. The employee must be suffering a serious illness or injury resulting in a prolonged absence lasting at least thirty work days during the past six months. Note: As a general rule, illnesses which qualify as a “serious health condition” under the Family and Medical Leave Act could be considered eligible for catastrophic illness donation. (This would also include an immediate member of the employee’s family who would have a serious health condition that would require the employee’s presence.)

   2. The employee must produce satisfactory medical verification.

   3. The employee must have completed the original provisional period with the Nebraska Supreme Court.

   4. The employee must have exhausted all earned paid leave time including compensatory time, sick leave, and vacation leave.

   5. The employee must not have offered anything of value in exchange for the donation.

   6.  No more than 9 months of donated leave may be received by an employee during a 12-month period.

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