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(1) Written Warning

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   This action consists of a written record of a discussion with the employee during which the supervisor explains in detail the reasons for the warning and advises the employee of the action required to correct the unsatisfactory performance or behavior. The written record of the warning shall be dated and shall inform the employee of the reason for the warning, the action required for improvement if appropriate, the time allowed for improvement, and the consequences of future violations or failure to improve. The employee shall be required to acknowledge receipt and understanding of the warning in writing. Such signature does not imply agreement. If the employee refuses to sign, the supervisor and a witness shall sign a notation of the employee's refusal on the document. A copy of this documentation shall be placed in the employee's personnel file. The employee has the right to file a written explanation or denial.

   An employee shall not have a written warning imposed more than once for a single transgression. However, written warnings for each additional act of the same or similar nature may be imposed.

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