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(2) Disciplinary Probation

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   A disciplinary probation may be imposed for a period of not less than 3 months or more than 12 months.                                                

   The imposition of a disciplinary probation shall include a written explanation concerning the employee's violation, weaknesses, shortcomings, etc., that have caused the action to take place; the action required for improvement if appropriate; and the time allowed for improvement. The employee shall also be informed that if positive action is not taken to correct the noted deficiencies, dismissal may be imminent. The employee shall be required to acknowledge receipt and understanding of the document by signing the document.  If the employee refuses to sign, the supervisor and a witness shall sign a notation of the employee's refusal on the document. A copy of the document shall then be placed in the employee's personnel file.

   Employees placed on disciplinary probation may not be promoted or granted any salary increase authorized by the Supreme Court other than the "across the board" increase. The termination of an employee on disciplinary probation does not preclude recourse in the form of the filing of a grievance by the employee.

   An employee may be placed on disciplinary probation upon return to work following a suspension without pay providing the employee was so informed when the suspension was imposed. Employees granted leave while serving disciplinary probation, may have their probation extended by the number of days absent on leave. An employee may be removed from disciplinary probation at any time.

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