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41. Employee Grievance Procedure

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   Unless otherwise specified, all employees occupying a permanent position have grievance rights. Applicants, temporary employees, employees serving an original provisional period, private staff of individual judges of the Supreme Court or Court of Appeals, judges, the Clerk of the Supreme Court, the Reporter of the Supreme Court, the State Court Administrator, the State Probation Administrator, and the district court reporters have no grievance rights within  the Nebraska Supreme Court Personnel System.

   Covered employees in the system who are aggrieved as a result of management actions resulting in an injury, injustice, or wrong involving a misinterpretation or misapplication of personnel rules promulgated by the Nebraska Supreme Court or policies of a particular county court or probation district may formally grieve such actions.

   Supervisors shall ensure that every possible effort is made to resolve grievances at the local level. Employees may ultimately appeal grievances not resolved at the local level to the Supreme Court Personnel Board by following the procedures set out in these rules.

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