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(2) Office Staff not Required to Attend Court

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   Professional business casual is acceptable when not required to attend court. Professional business casual shall mean the following: casual pants, shirt, and dress shoes. Shirts should have a collar or finished edge. Capri or “Gaucho” pants may be worn if they are no shorter than mid-calf length and are worn in the same manner as dress slacks, i.e., with a jacket or dress shirt. Sandals or open-toed shoes may be worn without nylons or pantyhose and only if feet/toenails are properly groomed. No jeans or denim of any color, shorts, or hats are permitted unless specifically authorized by the Administrative Office. In addition, males shall maintain facial hair in a groomed fashion. Professional business casual is required while conducting business during the course of the day and for visits to employers, schools, and service providers.

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